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Whether assisting as a bold statement of color, or supporting a design aesthetic rooted in classical french or modern urban contemporary, La Cornue has served the design community proudly for over 100 years. We value those professionals who view a Château or Cornufé as more than just a range, but as an integral and artistic asset to the overall kitchen design.


A La Cornue exhibits both timeless style and an expression of refined taste. A truly magnificent kitchen design doesn't simply leave "space" for the range, but rather builds around one, elevating the product from kitchen work horse, to a culinary work of art.


Each range will only gain value with time… and in turn, so too the overall kitchen design.


One of the most striking and appealing design aspects of a La Cornue is the ability to apply any color the heart desires to the range. If a hue exists in the world, it can be applied to one of our inspired designs. An array of fifty brilliant colors are currently offered by La Cornue, but a myriad of new and deluxe colors, curated by some of the industry’s most renown designers, are being offered each year. Combine these with any of our unique trim combinations and you’ll find that when it comes to le monde coloré de La Cornue... nothing is impossible.


Make a statement, lift moods, convey personality. With La Cornue, the design palette is limitless.


The notion of a custom-color option for a range was unheard-of prior to the early 1960s. While an array of fifty brilliant colors are already offered by La Cornue, a myriad of new and deluxe colors, curated by some of the industry’s most renown designers, are being offered each year. These renowned masters of color and design are known within La Cornue as The Collective. We are truly honored and proud to introduce you to our dream team below.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard
Los Angeles, CA

“It was really important to come up with a color collection that I felt exemplified the glamour, quality, and world-class style of La Cornue. I was immediately inspired by my passion for vintage racing cars, and loved the idea of these two extraordinary pieces of mechanics blending together somehow. I felt the unity between these two extraordinary machines made such great sense to bond together by the use of stunning color.”


Martyn ultimately accepted the challenge of creating a Color Collection for La Cornue not only for his love of the brand, but because he wanted to use the Château more in his own work.


“Color, as a designer, is everything. It informs the vibrancy of a room and is like adding stunning jewelry to an outfit. With the addition of these extraordinary, fresh and iconic colors, I can instantly create modernity or provide classic elegance to every type of interior. It allows the blossoming of design to go from the most contemporary, to mid-century to the most traditional vibe in one easy sweep. And that really is the ultimate strength of this fabulous array of enamel colors we’ve been able to create.”


“The skilled engineering of a sports car and the craftsmanship that goes into creating a La Cornue are both hand-in-hand masterworks. I felt the unity between these two extraordinary machines made such great sense to bond together by the use of stunning color”.

Suzanne Kasler
Atlanta, GA

While in France, American designer Suzanne Kasler is never without her camera. She treats the streets like a museum, capturing every bit of inspiration possible; painted doorways, elegant tapestries, stacked dishes in the flea market, whatever catches her discerning eye. It was on a recent visit to Entrée des Fournisseurs, her favorite Parisian ribbon shop, that the inspiration was born for an exciting new partnership, and a beautiful new color palette for the iconic French brand, La Cornue.


Rooted in a love for everything French, the collection is organic and earthy, yet bold. Firmly founded in tradition, but at the same time, not quite so... traditional. The palette brings a new design relevance to something that is already classically French. Colors that magically transform an icon into something even more iconic.


With the introduction of The Suzanne Kasler Couleur Collection, the range can now be seen as the palette driver for the whole home. It can lift moods, and convey personality. These colors have been curated specifically to translate the experience of going to Paris into something that can be real and lasting in peoples lives.


“These are the kinds of colors I see while in Europe. Muted and faded. Subtle enough that you never get tired of them. Classic, not trendy”.

Matthew Quinn
Atlanta, GA

As one of the leading experts in kitchen and bath design, Matthew Quinn has worked around the world to provide his clients with original, memorable spaces. Function is amply addressed, but so are aesthetics and comfort. Matthew observes the environments, lifestyles, and desires of his clients to inform his custom design solutions. His innovative and creative concepts highlight his keen awareness of the synergy between design and lived experiences. With the introduction of Colors by Matthew Quinn, La Cornue is delighted to offer a custom color that compliments the grace of classic architectural lines yet foster a modern statement in the kitchen.


"I think color is one of the simplest design elements that can instantly change a space. A La Cornue range is always the foundation of a kitchen and its color and metal accents set the tone and provide an insight into the personality of the homeowner."