The story behind La Cornue is above all a story of a family business and a passion shared by 3 generations. Today, over a century after its first appearance, La Cornue remains without rival.

A Company Created In 1908

Paris, 1908. Albert Dupuy, a gastronome and artisan with a passion for new technology, was to take advantage of the distribution of illuminating gas throughout Paris to perfect the La Cornue gas circulation Roast & Pastry cook. This brand new stove made use of laws governing the natural circulation of hot air within a revolutionary underground vaulted oven.

Forty years later, during the golden age of Domestic Arts, André Dupuy, with his bushy moustache, succeeded Albert. He was a gourmet, a skilled technician and an innovative designer. La Cornue was brought up to date and more models were proposed, but the La Cornue objective remained the same: a La Cornue kitchen range should always offer connoisseurs state of the art quality. Our 5 star Château kitchen ranges were the crowning pieces of our collection, and would go down in history as exceptional objects.

In 1985, Xavier Dupuy modernized the range and broke new ground while still rigorously and obstinately continuing the quest for excellence. La Cornue, a small business with fewer than 60 members of staff, managed to rise to the challenges raised by new technology and to impose itself on the international scene. By the beginning of the third millennium, La Cornue kitchen prestige was illuminating international gastronomy.